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Archa Theatre International Summer School

Archa's program is increasingly focused on theatre that draws from real sources. Documentary theatre, collective creation or devised theatre are terms that describe theatre performances that immediately focus on social problems and reflect current social and political issues. The artistic rendering of everyday reality leads not only to the exploration of thematic levels, but also specific artistic approaches. A new theatre language is born, one different from that of traditional theatre productions.

On the basis of many years of experience with documentary theatre projects and thanks to the interest of the artists who focus or want to focus on this kind of work, the Archa Theatre has decided to open an international summer school devoted to the methods and techniques of documentary theatre and theatre creation in the social context generally.

The Archa Theatre International Summer School is a platform for the development of practical skills and effective methods of cooperation in the creation of contemporary theatre.

Over the course of nine days, instruction will be provided by:
Jana Svobodová – The viewpoints technique in the context of social-specific theatre
Jaroslav Hrdlička – Video art and story
Jan Burian – Music and sound as a starting point for drama
Philipp Schenker – Objects in the context of personal stories
Pavel Kotlík – Light as space
Ondřej Hrab – Theatre and sociology / The historical roots of social-specific theatre

Foreign lecturers:
Pieter De Buysser (Belgium) – Creation and production of own text
Henk Keizer (the Netherlands) – Theatre in non-traditional locations (in the countryside, in prison and other places)

Each course will revolve around the creation of a small performance, which will be presented at the end of the summer school in the Archa Theatre.

The summer school is intended for artists and students with an active interest in documentary theatre as well as theatre professionals.
The courses will be in English without translation into Czech.
A component of the course is mandatory participation in collective work. Participants will receive a certification of course completion.

Tuition: EURO 300 (CZK 8,000) – includes daily practical exercises, 16 lectures, study materials, refreshments and tickets to the accompanying program

Where: Archa Theatre, Na Poříčí 26, Prague 1, Czech Republic

Applications: If you are interested in taking part in the Archa Theatre International Summer School, please send your professional CV and a one-page letter describing why you want to apply by 1 June 2016.
Please send the materials to: [email protected]

In exceptional cases, applicants can request a discount on the tuition.
The Archa Theatre has a limited number of accommodation options available.

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