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Join IETM's Board of Directors or Advisory Committee

Our next General Assembly will take place during IETM Hull, 28-31 March, and will appoint three new members of the Board of Directors and four new members of the Advisory Committee.

Board members are responsible for the long-term strategic and financial development of the network. Board meetings take place twice a year in connection to IETM’s Plenary meetings and an average of two to four times a year via Skype or live in Brussels.

Advisors constitute the broader representation of the membership in the governance of the network. They also support the Secretariat in building relations with (potential) stakeholders and give feedback on proposed actions, policy papers and other strategic matters. The Advisory Committee is a self-organised body, which convenes monthly via Skype and twice a year during Plenary meetings, with the participation of the Board and the Secretariat

Are you interested in getting more involved in IETM’s life? Read the IETM Governance Structure and submit your application form before the 15th of January 2019.  

Please note that your nomination should be supported by three different IETM members (including freelancers).

If the Board of Directors approves your application, you will be contacted by the Secretariat before IETM Hull. Then your candidacy will be voted by the General Assembly.