©Tanja Kanazir

IETM’s 2020 General Assembly will take place during IETM Belgrade

IETM’s Board of Directors has unanimously decided to postpone the network’s General Assembly until October 2020. The General Assembly will now be held during the next IETM Plenary in Belgrade, Serbia, between 1-4 October 2020.

The General Assembly was supposed to be held on 30 April during the IETM Tromsø Plenary Meeting in Tromso, but due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been forced to cancel the meeting.

Consequently, the mandate of the current Board of Directors is hereby extended until the General Assembly. The call for a new member of the Board of Directors is extended until the 1st of September. The current Advisory Committee will also retain its mandate until the General Assembly in Belgrade.

The decision was made by the Board of Directors of IETM on 19 March 2020, with all eight Directors agreeing to postpone in accordance with the IETM Statutes:

“ Article 7.  The General Assembly shall meet at least once a year under the chairmanship of one of its members elected at the beginning of the meeting.”