Vincent Chartier
03 November 2016 to 06 November 2016

I am granted, therefore I create
This session featured two futuristic, provocative and controversial concepts, which headed off from the idea that the status quo needs a radical change and it needs it now.

Lost in translation?
What do we value in shared processes? How can we ensure captivating collaborations? What do we have to gain from rejecting autonomous practice? From the outset, this session raised questions surrounding our individual perspectives and desires for international collaboration. 

Whose story is this, anyway?
The objective of this session was to discuss the role of diversity, equity and inclusion in the performing arts today. Rather than providing final answers, the session aimed at exploring the key questions and identifying central themes.

Other abilities, evolving aesthetics?
This working session was about setting out a vision for diversity in the arts – focusing on opportunities and aesthetics specifically related to different abilities being represented in the arts. Four speakers from the dance sector shared their experiences and ideas on where disability should be represented on stage and backstage today and what opportunities this offers in terms of evolving aesthetics of performing arts.

Can the show go on?
The session ‘Can the show go on?’ debated local cultural ‘ecosystems’ and the way festivals fit into these ecosystems. Are they catalysts of further artistic activity, do they play a role in attracting new audiences or do they rather occupy funding and creative territories that limit the perspectives of other cultural initiatives? 

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