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Getting to Tromsø

By air

Due to great distances between cities in the northern region, and no direct train service to Tromsø, the most convenient way of travelling is by air.
Travelling to Tromsø from abroad, you will generally need to connect to a domestic flight at Oslo Airport. In case of a stop over, you might be required to self-transfer your luggage.

Direct flights to Tromsø are available up to 10 times a day from Oslo Airport by SAS or Norwegian Airlines. The flight time is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.
Tromsø Airport Langnes is located approximately 5 km from the city centre.
From the airport you have three different ways of transportation to the city centre:

  • Take a taxi at the taxi stand directly outside the arrival hall. Fare prices are different depending on the day (weekday or weekend) and time of day. Average fare to the city centre is roughly NOK 150 (≈ 15 EUR).
  • Take the Airport express coach from outside the arrival hall. For prices and timetables please visit this website.
  • Take the local city bus 40 or 42. The bus stop is located behind the airport parking lot. Take the elevator to the ground floor and cross the parking lot and the road to get to the bus stop. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket machine at the bus stop or through the app Troms Mobillett. For timetables and travel planners download the app Troms Reise.

By bus and train

There is no direct train service to Tromsø. However, there is a daily train service from Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim to Fauske, from where you can take a long-distance bus to Tromsø via Narvik.
The bus departs daily from the Fauske train station at 08:50 and arrives in Narvik at 13:30. The bus from Narvik to Tromsø departs at 15:45 and the trip takes approximately 4.5 hours. The fare for the journey costs approximately NOK 450 (≈ 44 EUR). Payment can be made by cash (NOK) or debit/credit card. Tickets can be purchased on the bus only.
Click here for more information about the Norwegian train service and booking.
Another possibility is to travel with the Swedish railway. Overnight trains from Stockholm and Kiruna connect to Narvik, from where there are bus connections to Tromsø.
There are three departures from Narvik to Tromsø on weekdays at 05:35, 13:20 and 15:45; two departures on Saturdays at 13:20 and 15:45; and three departures on Sundays at 13:20, 15:45 and 19:00. The travel time is 4 hours and the fare is approximately NOK 400 (≈ 39 EUR). Tickets may be purchased on the bus only.
Click here for more information about the Swedish train service and booking.

Getting around


There are two taxi operators in Tromsø and several taxi stands around the city centre.

Both operators have purpose-built vehicles for wheelchair users and other passengers with special requirements. However, the booking has to be made in advance and by calling the taxi operator.
General bookings can be made by phone, through their website or app.

Local city bus

City buses run within the city of Tromsø from early morning to late night seven days a week. There is also a night bus service on Friday and Saturday nights from the city centre to selected parts of Tromsø.
The most convenient and recommended way to purchase tickets and check timetables is via the city transport apps Mobillett and Troms Reise. A pre-purchased single ticket costs NOK 33 (≈ 3,25 EUR) for adults. Single tickets are valid for 90 minutes.
If you choose to purchase tickets onboard, please note that payment can only be done by cash and an extra fee will be added.

All city buses are accessible for wheelchair users.

For more information about the local city buses click here.
See guide to how to purchase tickets through the Mobilett app here.

Car Hire

Car hire services are available at the airport and in the city centre.
List of car rental operators in Tromsø.


Parking options in the city centre range from parking in the street to outdoor car parks and in the tunnels. Please note that there is no free daytime parking available; it is therefore important to purchase a parking ticket either from the payment machines, and place it in your car window, or via the Easypark app.
Find more information about parking in Tromsø here.

By foot

As Tromsø city centre is relatively small, one can easily get around by foot from one part of the town to the other. To get to the mainland, it is fairly easy to cross the Tromsø Bridge by foot and will take you around 10-15 minutes.
Want to get a taste of the arctic nature without a car? Just have a walk around the Prestvannet lake located on top of the island just a stone's throw away from the city centre. Find it on Google Maps.


You can find more information on exploring Tromsø and the surrounding areas by bike here.

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