Rewiring the Network: join us in resetting the IETM agenda for the twenties



The performing arts have been going through some rough weather in recent years.

Changing environmental, social and political conditions have increasingly put our work under pressure. All of us are trying to come up with answers and solutions, but how can these be more than just survival strategies? The answer is clear. In order to have a real systemic impact, we need to work together.

For almost  40 years, IETM has been a place for performing arts people to develop new ideas and solutions together. The purpose: strengthening our practice through knowledge exchange. But, as society is changing, the network can only achieve this purpose if it stays fresh and relevant. With the start of the new decade, the time is right to reflect on the development of a more sustainable future for the performing arts, and the role IETM can take in it. 

This session, the first step in a longer trajectory to develop our future agenda, is  — of course — a collective exchange. What’s on our mind? What’s challenging and inspiring our work? Where do we want to go and what would we need a network for? And what can all of us bring to the table to have a real sustainable impact?  

After an introduction  about systemic approaches to change and transition, participants will be invited to share and exchange about their most pressing issues, on the challenges they encounter and brainstorm on how existing experiments and new ways of thinking and doing could be the building blocks for a more sustainable future.

The results of this exercise will feed IETM’s future agenda, including its next Creative Europe grant application. 

Speech-to-text captioning in English.

Please check the accessibility of the venue here.

Clarion Hotel The Edge - Margarinfabrikken
Kaigata 6
2 May, 2020 - 10:00 to 13:00

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