14 April 2011 to 17 April 2011
14 April 2011 to 17 April 2011

Gubben och Blomman/ The Old Man and the Flower - Pygméteatern



If you were an old fellow, your name might well be Oskar Olsson. If you had a place to live, it could be in a gloomy little apartment, without a single flower. That is exactly what Oskar Olsson does! In his livingroom he watches an old TV every day and night so he doesn’t have to think about life being dull and lonely.  But what if the TV exploded one day…? And the doorbell rang, and the delivery boy handed over a flower…? Pygméteatern was formed by visual artists and musicians 35 years ago. In their desire to experiment they discovered shadow puppetry, the perfect combination of visual image, music and drama. We have since evolved into a highly professional theatre group that mixes shadow puppetry, puppets and actors.

With:                Michael Koitzsch
Genre:             Child/Youth 
Language:       Very little Swedish spoken word

Vegagatan 17
15 April, 2011 - 10:00 to 10:45

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