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IETM selected for funding from Creative Europe

We are happy to announce that our application has been selected for financing by the Creative Europe programme – Cultural Networks strand. This grant will support our long-term project Performing Arts (in a world) in Transition II (PAT II), which will run from April 2017 till March 2021.   

PAT II will be the sequel to our past 3-year scheme, PAT I, which revolved around such areas as digital shift, the measurable impact of the performing arts, and sustainable business models, and focused on expanding worldwide connections and providing capacity building opportunities.

In the forthcoming four years, we will continue empowering contemporary performing arts professionals with access to cross-border partnerships, and skills and competences that help them to successfully adapt to changes in their social, economic and political contexts.

Our activities will aim at providing a solid base for the sector through exploring the social status of the artist, enhancing the capacity of the sector to create sustainable organisations, to undertake fair practices and to reach out to wider slice of society.

We will reinforce our commitment to making our network more diverse and our activities more inclusive. Acquiring new expertise and practical tools, as well as sharing them with our members, we will spare no effort to transform our vision of a more inclusive sector into reality.

More strategic endeavours to embed the voice of the contemporary performing arts into key policy debates will constitute our reinforced advocacy strategy for the years to come. We will conceive new partnerships with organisations from other sectors, to foster cross-sectorial exchange of expertise and to access new platforms for raising the awareness of the arts sector's value for contemporary societies.

Our dedication to environmental sustainability will be mainstreamed in all our activities and strategies.

The new project will continue the successful formats of PAT I: capacity training programmes (IETM Campus and Staff Exchange), production and testing of tools, publications providing experts' views on the impact of arts on societal issues. We will get under way with a webinar programme, offering our members tailor-made virtual lectures and workshops provided by renowned experts in the fields currently most relevant for our sector. And of course, we will continue undertaking live meetings of various kinds – from biannual large-scale plenaries to smaller satellites tackling specific themes and region/country/city-focused Caravans.

The plans are bold and ambitious, and only our members' support and involvement will help us bring them to life. We are looking forward to engaging with all of you to make these upcoming years an exciting and enriching journey!