17 February 2015 to 18 February 2015


The art of valuing: between evident and evidence-based

How to answer the increasing demand for measurable evidence of the value of culture while enhancing a vibrant climate for the arts? Different models exist in various countries to measure the value and the impact of the arts and culture on society: some models are based strictly on data, others are more qualitative; some focus on economy, others encompass a broader scope of impacts. So how do the arts contribute to societies? If impacts are measured, how do the results influence national cultural policies, if at all? And who should measure the impacts: the funder, the artist or both?

IETM and Flanders Arts Institute organise a two days Satellite meeting for policy makers and funders in Brussels on 17 and 18 February 2015.  The Meeting aims to gather representatives of Ministries of Culture and Arts Councils from Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia. The discussion will focus on the different models for measuring and demonstrating the values of culture and its impacts on societies, as well as the role such measurements play in informing national cultural policies. It will provide the participants with an overview of current trends, specific examples from different countries and good arguments to defend their national public budgets for culture. By combining plenary sessions, panel discussions and roundtables, it will allow for exchanges and connections with foreign policy-makers, and will provide inspiration and tools for national cultural policies, and hopefully arguments to advocate for a stronger cultural agenda in Europe and beyond. 

Participaton is by invitation only. The keynote of Pascal Gielen on February 17th is open for the public (upon registration). 


  • Registration for the keynote of Pascal Gielen is closed.
  • Live streaming: On 17 February from 3 to 5pm, the keynote speech by Pascal Gielen and the panel discussion will be streamed live. Tune in here.
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