24 October 2019 to 27 October 2019

Getting to Rijeka

Rijeka is not very well connected by air. So, it is a good opportunity to go green and consider coming by train or bus or sharing a car, which is also a great way to network on the way. Use our forum to find your fellow travellers.

By train

The Rijeka Station is situated 25 minutes walk from the Croatian Cultural Centre, our Daytime meeting space.

There are several daily train services from and to Rijeka departing from Zagreb via Ogulin. The trip to Rijeka from Zagreb takes around 5 hours.

There is a daily train service from and to Rijeka departing from Ljubljana (Slovenia). The trip between Rijeka and Ljubljana takes around 3 hours. Trains depart from Ljubljana at 06:35 and from Rijeka at 20:50.

There are also direct night train services departing every night from Salzburg and Villach (Austria), Munich and Rosenheim (Germany).

To book your trains and to check the departure and arrival times visit www.hzpp.hr or www.slo-zeleznice.si or www.oebb.at.

By bus / coach

You can catch a coach to and from Rijeka, with services running all over Europe to the Rijeka Bus Station Žabica. You can book your tickets online with Arriva and Flixbus.

By car

From Western Europe
You can take the Highway to Venice or Udine to Trieste (Italy) and then to Rijeka.This route’s length is 76 kilometers, of which 22 km is highway travel. The toll is around 9 HRK. From Trieste you take the local roads through Slovenia, and after the border crossing Rupa, you take the highway A7 to Rijeka.

From Central Europe
You can take the Highway to Villach via Karawanken tunnel to Ljubljana and then towards Rijeka.

From Eastern and/or Northeastern Europe
Follow the signs toward Zagreb - you should take the A1 highway (Zagreb – Bosiljevo) and then continue the A6 motorway from Bosiljevo to Rijeka. Distance from Zagreb to Rijeka is 185 km, and if the traffic is light, the trip will take about 1,5 hour.

If you need more detailed information on how to get to Rijeka by car, you can find complete travel itineraries on here.

By air

From Franjo Tuđman Airport, Zagreb
There is only one direct bus from the Zagreb Airport to Rijeka (Bus Terminal - Žabica) with a single departure every day at 3:30 pm.
Price: 150 HRK = 21 EUR (one way) and 250 HRK (return).
On the way back, the bus leaves in the morning at 5 am from Jelačić Square in Rijeka to Franjo Tuđman Airport.
The other option is to take a shuttle bus to the Zagreb bus station (approx. 40 min) and then take a bus to Rijeka (approx. 2 hours 40 minutes) .
The shuttle bus from the airport leaves every 30 minutes from 4 am until 11 pm and costs 30 HRK for a single fare or 40 HRK for a return ticket. Please find the detailed timetable here.
You can book your bus ticket from Zagreb bus terminal to Rijeka online here.
You can also take a taxi from Zagreb to Rijeka which costs around 1500 HRK (200 EUR) or book a car share on GoOpti.

From Rijeka International Airport, Krk
There is a shuttle bus service to Rijeka. You can find monthly driving schedule here.
Price: 50 HRK = 7 EUR (one way) (bus station at Jelačić trg 3)
You can also take a taxi from the Rijeka International Airport, Krk to the city which costs around 35 EUR.

From Pula International Airport
There is no direct shuttle bus service from the Pula Airport to Rijeka. You must take a taxi to the Pula bus station and then take a bus to Rijeka. You may also take the airport shuttle that runs every 90 minutes and stops in Pula’s main bus station. The ticket costs 30 HRK. More information can be found here.
The journey to Rijeka takes approximately 2,5 hours. You can pre-book a ticket here or buy it on the spot.
You can also take a taxi straight to Rijeka which costs around 80 EUR.

From Trieste Airport
Flixbus offers a direct shuttle bus service from the Trieste Airport to Rijeka. Note that there is only one shuttle per day in both directions.
The shuttle leaves daily from the Trieste Airport at 5:50 pm and arrives in Rijeka at 8:30 pm.
From Rijeka to the Trieste Airport, the shuttle leaves at 07:45 am and arrives at 10:20 am. You can book your ticket online here.

From Venice Airport
Flixbus offers a direct shuttle bus service from the Venice Airport to Rijeka. You can book your ticket online here.
This route is not available everyday, so make sure you check if there is a bus running on the day of your arrival.


The most convenient means of travel in Croatia is the coach, however, coaches in Croatia operated by Arriva are not wheelchair accessible. Locals and drivers are always ready to help, but this means that wheelchair users might not have the autonomy that they are used to.

Flixbus company also operates through Croatia. People with disability and/or persons with reduced mobility can use the same travel opportunities offered by Flixbus as other citizens. Also, they are entitled to special assistance provided by the company. Disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility shall notify the carrier of their special needs for assistance at least 36 hours in advance and arrive at the agreed time prior to departure (maximum 60 minutes in advance) at the designated location of the bus station. It is desirable that wheelchair users fill out a Request for travel in a wheelchair

It is also possible to take the train, but the trip is considerably longer, and direct trains are not always available. If you wish to book a train journey, you will have to contact the railway company at least 48 hours before your trip. Assistance with boarding the train will be provided. Please find more information here.

The bus and train stations in Rijeka, Zagreb and Zadar are wheelchair-accessible.

Public toilets at bus stations, train stations, airports and other public spaces are usually wheelchair accessible.

Alternatively, participants with reduced mobility can also book a private transfer from any of the airports to their accommodation in Rijeka. Some companies such as airportcollections.com offer wheelchair accessible vehicles. Also, Pleso Prijevoz, a coach company that provides transfer from Zagreb airport and back, offers assistance for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility (their buses are also wheelchair accessible). 

All announcements in railway and bus stations are only in Croatian.

Getting around


A number of different licensed taxi firms operate in Rijeka.
There are three taxi stands in the city centre – at the bus station, on the Jelačić square and at the railway station.
If you need to book a cab, we recommend to use:

  • Cammeo Taxi Rijeka: +385 (0) 51313313
  • Rijeka Taxi Vita: +385 (0) 51410800

Price: 25-40 HRK (4-6 EUR) for a ride within the city.

List of taxi companies with prices

Local bus transportation

Buses will take you outside of Rijeka, to the nearest beaches.
Access the beaches on the east and west side of the city with line 1, beaches in Kostrena area with line 10, and the Opatija area with line 32.
You can find a map of the bus network here.


In the city you can park in open or closed car parks and garages, and you can also park your car safely for a longer period of time. Public car parks also offer over 200 parking spaces for people with disabilities.

List of car parks and garage facilities

List of car rental companies in Rijeka


Although Rijeka is not bicycle-friendly (hilly area, plus insufficient infrastructure), there is a chance to rent a bike and experience Rijeka on two wheels.


Rijeka can be a challenging city to get around in for people with reduced mobility, since cobblestone streets are quite common.
Nevertheless, most pavements at pedestrian crossings in the city centre are adapted to the circulation of persons in wheelchairs.

Fifty road intersections acoustic signals have been installed around the city centre for people with visual impairments.

Guide dogs are permitted inside buildings and on public transport vehicles.

Taxi suggestions

Taxi company “Taxi Opatija Lovran” offers wheelchair accessible transfer solutions in Rijeka. They also offer various transfer options to and from airports (Zagreb, Ljubljana, Trieste, Venice…). The price of airport transfer is around € 200-250 (depending on location) and the contact person is Mr. Miroslav Dobrnjac (+38598215213). 

TravAbled is a tourist agency that supports accessibility and tries to improve travel possibilities for people with disabilities. You can find more information about the agency on the website - contact person is Mr. Siniša Kekić, [email protected], +385921077796.

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