24 October 2019 to 27 October 2019
24 October 2019 to 27 October 2019

The evaluation challenge


Nowadays, the debate on impact assessment, evaluation and measurement continues to gain momentum. We have got used to believing that it is all about winning the favour of funders, who are increasingly interested in numeric indicators and hard evidence. Nevertheless, however controversial the “measure-your-impact” debate may seem, it is also about an insightful self-assessment and improvement of our own practices.

How should we evaluate cultural activity and its relationship to an audience? What are the relevant criteria and the adequate tools? How do we take control of the process rather than being dictated to from ‘above’, and what does this mean for our developing practice?

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RiHub. - Classroom
Ul. Ivana Grohovca 1/a
26 October, 2019 - 15:00 to 16:45

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Hello everyone. 

Here is a collection of resources on audiences and evaluation published by IETM:

Look, I'm priceless! Handbook on how to assess your artistic organisation - toolkit, IETM 2017

Audience Explorations: Guidebook for hopefully seeking the audience - toolkit, IETM 2017

Mapping of Types of Impact Research in the Performing Arts Sector (2005-2015)

Valuing the arts - report from IETM Paris Satellite 2016

The Art of Valuing: Opening Speeches - IETM Brussels Satellite 2015

The Art of Valuing: Panel Discussion - IETM Brussels Satellite 2015

Beyond the numbers - a session report from IETM Sofia 2014

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A great pleasure to meet everyone and discuss evaluation and its challenges. Here are a few links that people might find interesting. They are mostly short articles/blogs and within them there are further references. Feel free to contact me about them.

These are some general articles about our work internationally



These refer to a couple of evaluation projects of relevance:





This is the international working group on evaluation run by Encatc. During 2020 we will be working towards a toolkit and guidance around international cooperation projects such as those funded by Creative Europe


These are some of the other co-operative international projects we are currently working on:

https://www.adesteplus.eu/ (Creative Europe project led by Fondazione Fitzcarraldo in Italy and focusing on organisational change and cultural policy related to audience development and cultural democracy).

http://www.asset4art.eu/ (Creative Europe project led by the Department of Arts Management, The Academy of the Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic focusing on research in theatres in 5 cities - Helsinki, Prague, Sofia, Vienna and Zagreb)

http://connectingaudiences.eu/ (Erasmus Plus project led by Deusto University in Spain and focusing on university / cultural organisation partnerships related to training and audience development). It includes a good resource section with articles and studies in different languages and from projects across Europe and the world.


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Thank you Vassilka and Jonathan for moderating the discussion and to everybody in the group for their contribution. It was very nice to meeting you all!

Thank you for the useful links, as well.

Best regards from Zagreb!

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