24 October 2019 to 27 October 2019
24 October 2019 to 27 October 2019

An event that changes everything - Nataša Antulov and Aleksandra Stojaković Olenjuk


An event that changes everything is a performance and a public gathering in Local Board Kozala where we will spend some time together waiting for the Event That Changes Everything to happen. It will definitely happen at midnight. Let’s see how theatrical performance becomes a system in which Time materialises itself in a way different from that which we can recognise in our everyday life. Considering the rhythm, caesura, boredom, laziness, acceleration, emptying and filling of content, speculation and projection, language, multiplication and deletion of images, etc., it becomes interesting to see what is inherent to what we consider to be theatrical Time and how it may differ from what determines the Time of our social conventions.

Production: Zoom Festival

Number of seats: 50

Genre: Theatre

Price: 30 kunas/5 euros

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We advise you to book your tickets in advance, either online or in person at our ticket office. Tickets can also be bought on the door one hour before the performance begins, if there are any left.

Please check the accessibility of the venue here.

Kozala Local Board building
Volčićev trg 2
26 October, 2019 - 21:00 to 27 October, 2019 - 00:00

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