24 October 2019 to 27 October 2019

Please turn off your cell phone
The main focus of this session was the issue of attracting new audiences into what are considered as traditional performing arts venues and formats. How do we reach out to potential new audiences that do not identify as regular theatregoers? This report summarises the discussions held on who gets to participate and who remains excluded, and how this occurs when traditional audience behaviours are required.

Art & activism
This session explored the intersection between art and activism, focusing on increasing the political effectiveness of artistic action. This report sums up the various examples of activist works put forward by the speakers as well as the lively discussion that followed among members of the audience. The discussion also served as an exercise to identify some key aspects and challenges related to the topic to be further explored in IETM Tromsø.

How to make our performing arts practice more ecologically sustainable?
Seven lessons learnt during a brainstorm at the associate members meeting.