26 April 2018 to 29 April 2018
26 April 2018 to 29 April 2018

Festival DDD: Lígia Lewis - Minor Matter


The colour red materialises thoughts between love and rage.
With minor matter, the Dominican-American choreographer Ligia Lewis presents part two of a triptych (blue, red, white) for three dancers. Two discursive apparatuses are at play - blackness and the black box. The work is presented in red and unfolds multi-directionally, creating a poetics of dissonance from which questions of re-presentation, presentation, abstraction, and the limits of signification emerge. Throughout the choreography the performers push their bodies against the boundaries of the stage simultaneously illustrating a humble relationship between their bodies and the space that encapsulates them to approach the matter - black. In minor matter, sound travels across musical epochs to arrive at the poetics of the intimate present. Built on the logic of interdependence, the theater’s parts - light, sound, image, and architecture - become entangled with the three performers, giving life to a vibrant social and poetic space. It is within this ‘blackened’ world that Lewis’s choreography comes to life.

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Ligia Lewis
She works as a dancer, performer, and choreographer. Her work has been presented in multiple contexts including the theater, museums, and galleries. Engaging with affect, empathy, and the sensate, her choreography considers the social inscriptions of the body while provoking its nuances and potentiality. As a dancer, Lewis has performed and toured extensively for artists including Ariel Efraim Ashbel, Mette Ingvartsen, and Eszter Salamon. She has collaborated with visual artist Wu Tsang, musical artist Twin Shadow, and with the DJ collective NON Worldwide. She recently received a Bessie Award for Outstanding Production for minor matter (2017).

IETM Porto was made possible thanks to the fact that its dates coincide with Dias Da Dança festival. Thus, we exceptionally agreed to integrate the entire programme of the opening weekend of DDD, including three non-Portuguese performances, in the meeting’s artistic programme.

This venue is fully accessible for wheelchair users.

Teatro Municipal do Porto - Campo Alegre
Rua das Estrelas
29 April, 2018 - 17:00 to 18:00

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