26 April 2018 to 29 April 2018
26 April 2018 to 29 April 2018

CANCELLED - Cut The Crap: Comedy Club for misfits


Are you a racist at heart and a suppressed homophobe? Do you think art is just shite, created by pretentious pricks and therefore it’s fair to cut funding? Shouldn’t contemporary dance be illegal anyway? Do you trust the government and despise intellectuals? Are you bored? Do you illicitly but optimistically vote right wing? Do you think freedom of speech is like WTF!? Do you think “global warming” is a hoax but you don’t dare to say it out loud? Well, well, well! Here is a chance for you to come out and be your truest incorrect self at the one and only IETM Comedy Club for Misfits!

Not to be missed!
Be rude or be abused!
At a moderate price!
You laugh yourself to bits!
Laughing tears!
Cabinet of humor!
Complete substitute for all forms of sociability!
Hurry up!
Cut the crap!

Cracked up & immoderated by
Palacete dos Viscondes de Balsemão - Auditório
Praça de Carlos Alberto 71
28 April, 2018 - 11:00 to 13:00

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