26 April 2018 to 29 April 2018

Live art, alive in time
How can we make it possible to extend the performing arts beyond their conventional live existence? This session took a critical look at the motives, methods, and outcomes of preserving and documenting live performances.

Producing in the margins
How is performing art inspired, produced and experienced in the peripheries of mainland Europe? What challenges and opportunities does geographical remoteness bring? What is the role of networks, like IETM, for the “peripheral” arts communities? This IETM Porto session showcased some examples from Portugal, Slovenia, Norway and Lithuania.

The forces of the market
This workshop tried to articulate the challenges that art professionals in different countries face when making and touring their work, with the aim of identifying key factors for creating greater equity and mutual understanding.

Artistic creation outside the urban areas
This session added new examples of artistic creation and community arts in the rural areas to those that were presented at IETM Brussels 2017, in the Meanwhile in the Countryside session. 

© Michelle Lynne Goodfellow