01 November 2018 to 04 November 2018
01 November 2018 to 04 November 2018

Taste of Europe and beyond


We are inviting you to a tasty networking session. While preparing some extraordinary hors d'oeuvres, we will talk about the arts and about politics. In a familiar atmosphere of co-working, whether that's slicing a carrot, peeling a grape or cutting to the core of artistic work, cultural policies and strategies, we will certainly and pleasantly cook up some inspiration.
Guten Appetit!

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Reservation deadline: 31 October
Maximum: 50 participants

Please check the accessibility of the venue here.

Atelierstraße 18
3 November, 2018 - 22:30 to 23:30

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image of Martin STIEFERMANN

Hello, everybody,
I am looking forward to seeing you tonight. We will be preparing fingerfood at five tables during hopefully stimulating conversations with representatives of five associations.............

LAFT -Berlin-  Landesverband freie darstellende Künste e.V: Chang Nai Wen 

BFDK- Bundesverband freie darstellende Künste e.V:

Stephan Behrmann

Dachverband Tanz Germany: Jana Grünewald 

ITI - Internationale Theaterinstitut e.V.: Thomas Engel

European Association of the Independent Performing Arts: Ulrike Kuner

Posted 2 years 7 months ago