01 November 2018 to 04 November 2018
01 November 2018 to 04 November 2018

Talk of the day: Eurocentrism is the new colonial


Whether European artists and professionals struggle against it or play along with it, Eurocentrism - in other words, post-colonialism - is undoubtedly influencing artistic production and shaping art dissemination networks. Will Europe overcome its colonial past and think outside its box? Can Europe be part of the world and not consider its values and aesthetic as universal? Can Europe relate to other cultures by different means other than exotism and cultural appropriation?

Speech-to-text captioning in English.

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Gasteig München - Kleiner Konzertsaal, floor 1
Rosenheimer Straße 5
3 November, 2018 - 13:00 to 13:30

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