01 November 2018 to 04 November 2018

The Performing Arts in the Federal Republic of Germany
This mapping offers an in-depth overview of the performing arts scene in Germany – its historical foundations which still dominate today’s structure, the key players in the contemporary field, the relevant festivals and venues, and more.

State of German Theatre
This HowlRound articles series written by Thomas Schmidt looks at the state and history of German theatre.

Readings for the session What's in our power

FRESH PERSPECTIVES 2: Shifting Scales and Sceneries. Arts, Globalisation and Territories
This publication deals with performing arts and global issues that are influencing and transforming European cities and their populations, such as economic stress, environmental challenges and migration flows.

Readings for the session Next steps - learning from exchanges

Beyond Curiosity and Desire: Towards Fairer International Collaborations in the Arts
This Toolkit examines how historical links between countries, different political contexts, technical infrastructure and skills, freedom to travel, living and working conditions, aesthetics, traditions, and of course financial resources, can influence expectations and engagement, when it comes to international and intercultural activities.

Readings for the session Connected Centers

Producing in the margins
How is performing art inspired, produced and experienced in the peripheries of mainland Europe? What challenges and opportunities does geographical remoteness bring? This IETM Porto session showcased some examples from Portugal, Slovenia, Norway and Lithuania.

Relocalising artistic practices
This IETM Brussels session tried to seek new opportunities to rethink the local outside the populist nationalistic paradigm and to reinvent the international without the unification of the globalised culture.

Readings for the session The majority is different

IETM Porto keynote speech: “A Critical Ten Point Plan to Creating Professional Sectors that Reflect Society”
This speech by Tunde Adefioye is a call to broaden our canon and continue making transnational alliances in an effort to make institutions better reflecting the differences in society, which will ultimately benefit the cultural (and other professional) sectors.

FRESH PERSPECTIVES 7: Permission to Stare. Arts and Disability
This Fresh Perspectives issue explores the different approaches to disability in the performing arts, with a particular focus on contemporary dance.

Towards Self-Determination and Equalisation
This article brings a short history of the german disability rights movement

Innovation Diversity - New approaches of cultural encounter in Europe
This manual, compiled in the context of the international project Un-Label, provides information on current criteria for the dismantling of barriers as well as a checklist designed as an aid to your own practical planning and execution of future projects.

Readings for the session The gender of the future

Let’s act now: on gender as a political issue
This session at IETM Bucharest discussed gender equality and sexual identities and defined some concrete steps that IETM members and the network as a whole can take.

FRESH PERSPECTIVES 5: Of Boxes and Ceilings. Arts and Gender
This publication deals with a complex and delicate topic whose borders are often blurred - gender. It highlights some crucial points – the definition of genders, gender identity, feminism, gender bias and discrimination – that intertwine in a complex individual and social web.

Readings for the session Mind the gap: audience, governance and policies

Audience Explorations: Guidebook for hopefully seeking the audience
This publication invites you to explore the complex and fascinating subject that is the audience, to question and complicate your understanding of them, and to rethink 'audience development' in terms of connection with fellow citizens, genuine exchange and 'togetherness'.

Readings for the session Art in rural areas: Dig where you stand

Fields of Vision. Other voices, rural places, global stories
This report from our Satellite meeting in Wales summarises the discussions held during the meeting on the plurality of the concepts of rural, identity, territory, and culture, and brings concrete case studies on inspiring arts projects taking place in rural areas.

Meanwhile in the Countryside
This report from IETM Brussels shines some light on experiences, practices and methods of undertaking art projects in rural areas.

Artistic creation outside the urban areas
This session at IETM Porto added new examples of artistic creation and community arts in the rural areas to those that were presented at IETM Brussels 2017.

Readings for the session Info desks on mobility 

This guide brings valuable information on online platforms which may help you to find funding opportunities for your current or future projects and initiatives with European or international dimensions.

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