01 November 2018 to 04 November 2018

How much is the participation fee?

If you register before 28 September, noon CET, the following participation fees apply:

IETM Members
1st representative: Free of charge
2nd, 3rd etc representative: € 50 

IETM non-members
Your registration fee is based on the annual turnover of your organisation or freelance activities.
Annual turnover lower than € 50,000:  € 100 per participant
Annual turnover from € 50,000 to € 230,000:  € 200 per participant
Annual turnover higher than € 230,000:  € 300 per participant

If you register after 28 September, noon CET, the following participation fees apply:

IETM members: € 100 per participant

IETM non-members: € 300 per participant

It is possible to cancel your registration at any moment. However, if you have already paid your registration fee and you wish to get reimbursed, please inform us that you are cancelling your participation by sending us an email at ietm@ietm.org before 26 October.