28 March 2019 to 31 March 2019
28 March 2019 to 31 March 2019

Producers in the middle


The performing arts sector is an ecosystem that is sustainable only by reinforcing all the links of the creation chain. In the middle of this chain is the producer, a bridge between the artists and companies on one side and the venues and festivals on another.

Despite this, producers don't drive as much consideration as the artists or the programmers. How can we ensure a valuable status for this profession? One that includes them trustfully in the creation channel, preventing a basic opposition between the business and the artist, and that instigates a healthy competition?

In this round table discussion exploring the role of the producer, we will reflect on how we can create a space for producers to share their practice in what can be a lonely business.

Please check the accessibility of the venue here.

Maritime Museum - The Courtroom
Queen Victoria Square
United Kingdom
29 March, 2019 - 11:30 to 13:30

Share your ideas


image of Raidene Carter

This session will have 3 parts:

First - we'll open with introductions to your three moderators (that's us above) and let you know how we've interpreted the title/provocation. We're open to alternative viewpoints and will welcome them here to see which of us can absorb new ideas into our individual conversations. We'll spend around 15 minutes doing this.

Second - we'll break off into three groups to discuss the following:

1) Let's get practical: What do you need? What problems and challenges are you facing that you think this network could bring you? Let's share experiences and resources to learn from each other as producers. (Facilitated by Clara).

2) Let's imagine the future: How can we go beyond the inherited models and structures, and tackle the opportunity we have to invent how we work? Can we be proactive in shaping how we do things, rather than always re-active? (Facilitated by Katja)

3) Let’s Get Personal: As a producer, why does who we are and where we come from matter?  Can we be upfront about our personal attributes to show how they compliment our professional skills to truly define the value of producers? Sitting in that void between Diversity and Inclusivity, we'll talk about the human stuff, the baggage and the experiences that influence what we make and how we make it. (Facilitated by Raidene).

We'll be in groups for around 75minutes, and people will be free to get stuck in, or float between all three conversations.

Third - We'll convene again as one big group to feedback any key outcomes and reflect on the topic again ahead of (hopefully) defining some tangible ideas and actions to take away.

We'd love to know what you think, or if you have any interesting resources or examples of activity that speak to any of our discussion points, particularly from beyond the UK.

Floors open!


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Before diving in this very interesting session, here is some food for thoughts from Munich's International producing organisations: soon the end of the competition (?) session:

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Thanks Victor,

I'll take a read!


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