28 March 2019 to 31 March 2019
28 March 2019 to 31 March 2019

Connect 19


The 2016 UK referendum on membership of the EU revealed deep divisions that were played out in families, communities and in the body politic. How might performance practice engage with and perhaps restore broken connections? How can diverse artistic practices engage, serve and reflect the concerns of diverse audiences in an international context?

Brexit is all around us. It is already having an impact on the collective vision of an inclusive society in the UK. 

In this open forum discussion, join us as we debate the value of diversity in developing strategies for maintaining and developing connections between the UK and the international performing arts community, in 2019 and beyond. 

Please check the accessibility of the venue here.

Royal Hotel - Edwardian Suite
170 Ferensway
United Kingdom
30 March, 2019 - 14:00 to 16:00

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From Alison and Richard ...In thinking about this opportunity for a conversation with you all, we called on E.M. Forster, who gave the phrase ‘Only Connect’ in his preface to the novel ‘Howard’s End’.   This quintessentially ‘English’ writer was a committed internationalist .. this from one of his prose writings: ‘I enjoy French poetry as well as French prose and I believe that this land must have some cultural connection with the European continent, and that she is best connected through her spiritual complement across the Straits of Cover.  (Some Books: A New Year’s Resolution for 1944) (1943).    This was of its time, of course, and Forster was someone who could travel freely geographically as well as ‘spiritually’.  What about those who are challenged to do either now? While Brexit in the UK is a constant feature of news media in the public domain, and in private and domestic contexts a matter of perhaps of conflict, we understand that this does not have the same currency with our IETM colleagues elsewhere.  Nevertheless we want to ‘Connect’.  And we look forward to connecting ideas with you this week and on Saturday next in Hull.

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One of the ways we are 'Connecting in 2019' is through our work on the pre-meeting in Leeds, inconsultation with artists in Hull.  This is called 'Walking with Leeds' and is a programme of walks, bus rides, dance presentations and food, with rides on a heritage bus to areas in the city with vibrant arts and culture, organised by Walking Talking Project and supported by Leeds Dance Partnership with funds from Leeds City Council.  We aim to make a strong connection with Hull, by welcoming ietm members and others to Leeds on their way to the Plenary.  See Programme for details - and do join us if you can.

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This is an interesting historical perspective on Brexit.  Certainly in the UK, many are sick of the subject - and it may have little resonance for our international colleagues.  Nevertheless as someone said'  Those who forget their history are condemned to repeat it'  And as Marx said 'History repeats itself. the first time as tragedy, the second as farce...' So with those cheery warnings we hope you will join us to consider how we make meaningful connections in 2019 - and beyond.

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Junjia Ye offers us a concise and stimulating summary* of Ash Amin's approach to diversity and urban living:   strangerhood explored in Amin's book 'Land of Strangers'(2012).   Amin argues that trust, mutuality, obligation and creativity emerge as the products rather than the causes of collaborative engagement; and he notes how people stop being so strange to one another through collaboration (p.24).     

Junjia Ye shows how Amin tries to position us beyond multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism, making a case for a 'politics of the impersonal' where distance and dis-attention are key to making the 'strange familiar and the familiar strange - and collective life a constant negotiation of difference' (p.24). 

*Check it out:   Junjia Ye on Ash Amin in the fantastic book:
Koch, R., & Latham, A. (2017). Key thinkers on cities / edited by Regan Koch and Alan Latham.  Sage Publications; London.

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