28 March 2019 to 31 March 2019

This series of articles, commissioned in partnership with HowlRound, features various stances on the ongoing debate on inclusion, diversity, participation, and cultural democracy.

Escaping the Imaginary of Engaged Arts
Goran Tomka looks at how arts and culture organizations can best engage with their communities.

Encouraging New Voices in Theatre Criticism
Jamie Potter from Middle Child Theatre discusses how their New Critics' Programme is helping grow and diversify theatre criticism in the UK.

Should Our Funds for the Arts Pay for Cultural Democracy?
Nan van Houte expresses a desire for funding bodies to take their responsibility and support cultural democracy without compromising the existing subsidies for the arts.

Rethinking the Purpose of British Arts Institutions
Lyn Gardner looks at how several British theatre companies are redefining their mission and expanding in ways to be of greater benefit to their communities.

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