09 November 2006 to 12 November 2006
09 November 2006 to 12 November 2006

Macbeth – Riivatut (The Possessed) after William Shakespeare



This adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic play for puppets and actors addresses today’s youth with its timeless message. By showing how fatal it can be to believe in wrong predictions and false values this production invites young adults to ask themselves how an ordinary man can turn into a monster. A crime cannot be undone, its memory stays and finally destroys the one who committed it.

with Antero Nieminen, Eve Saarinen, Pekka Heiman

Directing: Markku Arokanto
Translation: Matti Rossi
Set and costumes: Maija Poskiparta
Puppetry: Satu Paavola
Music: Juha Jaakkola
Lighting: Anna Karmala
Premiere: 9.2.2006
Language: Finnish with English translation

Teatteri Hevosenkenkä
Teatteri Hevosenkenkä (Horseshoe Theatre) is a children’s theatre residing in an idyllic old wooden house on the Juhannusmäki Hill in Espoo near Helsinki. It produces performances for children from 3-12 and for adolescents as well as adults, it is home to permanent puppet and art exhibitions and follows a committed education programme. Performances are given in Finnish, Swedish, Somali, Albanian, German and English both at home and on tour.

Teatteri Hevosenkenkä
Juhannusmäki 2
9 November, 2006 - 17:00 to 18:15

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