09 November 2006 to 12 November 2006
09 November 2006 to 12 November 2006

Inclusion / Opening Doors



A meeting group focused on projects designed to increase the inclusion of artists and writers with diverse cultural backgrounds in established theatres and cultural institutions.

Demographic structures change. Conflict and economy move millions of people across cultural and national boundaries. Migration is a global reality. National and regional cultural institutions are slow in opening doors to ethnic minorities and immigrant groups, or fail recognize that in terms of audience and talent, these people are a part of our future.

How do we encourage young people from minority groups to become composers, playwrights or choreographers? Where are the barriers? What are the strategies to break down these barriers? Our shared experiences can provide the knowledge, the inspiration and the encouragement to further future work.

Is of value for young artists from immigrant communities to meet in a European context, in master classes, readings, festivals or colonies? How can we organize and fund cross national /cross cultural meetings for these young artists? 

Vanha (Tiedekuntasali)
Mannerheimintie 3
11 November, 2006 - 14:30 to 16:30

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