09 November 2006 to 12 November 2006
09 November 2006 to 12 November 2006

Colours - Jorma Uotinen / Rim - Jouka Valkama / Trickle Green Oak - Susanna Leinonen



Uotinen’s works are always full of spectacular visions, intensive emotions and expressive music. These can also be expected of Colours, a piece for 21 dancers with music by the accordion wizard Kimmo Pohjonen. 

Choreography: Jorma Uotinen
Music Kimmo Pohjonen
Lighting: Mikki Kunttu
Costumes: Erika Turunen
Premiere: 27.10.2006
Information: www.jormauotinen.com / [email protected]

Jorma Uotinen (b. 1950) achieved international recognition as a dancer and choreographer already in the 1970s; many of his works have assumed cult status and have had a huge impact on Finnish contemporary dance trends. Uotinen has been the director of the Helsinki Dance Company (1982 - 1991) as well as the Finnish National Ballet (1992 - 2001). He is currently working as the artistic director of the Kuopio Dance Festival.

Rim is Jouka Valkama’s first work to be presented on the main stage of the Finnish National Opera. In his previous works Valkama has combined contemporary dance to punk rock and other heavier forms of popular music. 

Choreography: Jouka Valkama
Music (recorded): Tommi Lindell
Visualisation: Jouka Valkama
Set: Tytti Wiinikka, Jouka Valkama
Costumes: Erika Turunen
Lighting: Mikki Kunttu
Premiere: 27.10.2006
Information: [email protected]

Jouka Valkama (b. 1976) has worked as a dancer in the Finnish National Ballet ever since he graduated from the Finnish National Opera Ballet School in 1995. He made his first choreography for the FNB’s choreography workshop in 1997 and has since then presented eight workshop choreographies, in addition to works made for the students of the FNO’s Ballet School.

Trickle Green Oak
Leinonen’s vision represents a strangely austere and hypnotic view of a mystical and surrealistic world. The movement language, in which the classical attitudes and port de bras meet the world of butoh, stems from the conflict between the strength of the body and its vulnerability.  Susanna Leinonen (b. 1972) started her career as a choreographer in 2000. Since then she has established herself as one of Finland’s most interesting choreographic talents. In addition to the Finnish National Ballet, her works have been in the repertory of Nürnberg Ballet, the Royal Swedish Ballet and the Danish Dance Theatre. 

Choreography: Susanna Leinonen
Music: Mia Hämäläinen
Costumes: Erika Turunen
Set: Olli-Pekka Koivunen, Erika Turunen, Susanna Leinonen
Lighting: Olli-Pekka Koivunen
Duration: 18min.
Premiere: 31.10.2003
Information: www.danceinfo.fi/tanka / [email protected]

Finnish National Opera
Helsinginkatu 58
10 November, 2006 - 19:00 to 21:20

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