09 November 2006 to 12 November 2006

Impediments to Mobility in the EU Live Performance Sector and on Possible Solutions report
Artists, like art itself, know no boundaries. For hundreds of years they have moved from country to country as readily as other workers have moved from town to town within their own countries.

Desiring Mobility, opening speech of the closing conference of the European Year of Workers’ Mobility
This morning, I want to encourage us to reflect on a mobility which is not bound by laws but is instead an ideal space where imaginations can take flight.  In the increasingly complex and diverse global world, we have to harness the advantages of being inside and outside of our cultures, our reference points.  This is what mobility provides.

Final Project report
For IETM, and all of the cultural networks in Europe and beyond, the “mobility” of artists and arts operators is the sine qua non of crossborder collaboration. It is quite simply and profoundly our “raison d’être” – without it, our daily work encouraging and facilitating international or intercultural artistic cooperation and understanding would make no sense. In other words, we are totally committed to “mobility” as the key to mutual, intercultural understanding.