03 July 2016 to 09 July 2016

Sunday 3, July

20:00 Welcoming dinner

Monday 4, July

09:30  What we all bring - Mary Ann DeVlieg and Nan van Houte.
Introduction to the Campus and warming-up exercises.
12:15 An overview on the situation for the arts in Poland: an interview with our hosts - Grzegorz Reske, Marta Keil & Nan van Houte
13:30  Lunch

What is international? – Klaus Ludwig and Gundega Laivina.
Basic information for successfully internationalising your career, organisation and company.
Indicative topics may include: regional characteristics, historical developments and current trends; diverse formats of collaboration, co-production, touring, residencies; where to go and where to find what?

17:30  Presenting ourselves - all, in groups

Tuesday 5, July

09:30 The artist(ic) in the International – Klaus Ludwig and Gundega Laivina
On the specifities of working in an international context.
Indicative topics may include: how to develop artistically-curated intenrational programmes: the needs of the presenter, the needs of the artist; when political/regional difficulties come in; longer-term collaboration; relations with audiences. 


Presenting ourselves - all, in small groups
17:00 Community Centre visit
20:00 Have a beer with a tutor! 
Your moment for a personal chat with one of the tutors. During the Campus each participant can share one beer with a tutor of his/her choice.
Subscription starts on Monday: first come, first served - all tutors have limited availability.  

Wednesday 6, July



Hard Talk II – Gundega & Klaus
Thinking strategically: budgeting and negotiation. Principles and starting points from different perspectives: artists, presenters, co-producers. 

Cultural diplomacy at various levels – Marie Le Sourd.
What is cultural diplomacy and who are the players that support international work and why.
Indicative topics may include: looking out at our work from a supranational, international, national and even regional/territorial view. Evolution of policies and perspectives.

13:00 Lunch
14:00 Ethics – all. Where do we position culture in the bigger picture?
Topics will represent tutors’ and participants’ interests, may include climate change, need for new solidarity models, political and social repression
17:30 Mini-Open Space

Have a beer with a tutor!

Thursday 7, July


Working with people out there -  Gundega, Nevenka Koprivsek & Nan.
Engagement with communities, audience development and how this can be done in an international perspective .


Hard Talk III on mobility – Marie & Grzegorz.
Indicative topics may include mobility information sources, funding, tax and visas.

13:00 Lunch
14:00 Lublin tour
16:15 Pointed passionate persuasion – all.
Interactive exercises in small groups.
18:30 Extra time to prepare the Participant Panels
19:30 Have a beer with a tutor !

Friday 8, July


The power (and pitfalls) of networking – Nan, Nevenka & Marie

10:30 Participants panels 1
11:45 Participants panels 2
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Participants panels 3,4 and 5
18:00 Final group session
19:00 Have a beer with a tutor ! 
20:00 Closing dinner

Saturday 9, July

10:30 Brunch offered by EEPAP

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