20 April 2017 to 23 April 2017

The Artist as a Cultural Manager
Corina Bucea talks about the lack of opportunities for formal training on Cultural Management in Romania and the need for artists to take the role of managers to fill in the gap.

How to Get Rid of Chairs: Dilemmas of the Independent Performing Arts Sector in Romania
Iulia Popovici describes the challenges faced by the independent performing arts sector in a country where public theatres monopolise the majority of fundings. 

The Status of Creative Freedom in Romania
Ioana Tamas' article explores how stimulating and free is the context in which Romanian artists perform nowadays.

What Do We Really Want? Creating a union for actors in Romania
This article written by Theodor-Cristian Popescu looks at how actors juggle between the two Romanian "theatrical systems" to make a living.

Platform: East European Performing Arts Companion
This book explores questions concerning both the common historical experience and the organisation of theatre life in Central and Eastern Europe, tapping into an incomparably broader topic: does something like a Central European identity exist? Published by EEPAP, it counts with three chapters focusing on Romania translated to French by IETM.

Reading for the session Do it together: answers to the precarious position of artists!

I am granted, therefore I create
This report from the session at IETM Valencia featured two futuristic, provocative and controversial concepts, which headed off from the idea that the status quo needs a radical change and it needs it now.

Freedom and Frenzy — Share your Experiments to Strengthen the Position of Artists
Flanders Arts Institute started a collective mapping of solutions to the precarious position of artists at the IETM meeting in Bucharest.

Readings for the session Let’s act now: on gender as a political issue

FRESH PERSPECTIVES 5: Of Boxes and Ceilings, Arts and Gender
This publication deals with a complex and delicate topic whose borders are often blurred - gender. It highlights some crucial points – the definition of genders, gender identity, feminism, gender bias and discrimination – that intertwine in a complex individual and social web.

What do you mean when you say "gender"? 
Israel Aloni deconstructs the concept of gender dualism and points out to problems with the gender debate in the performing arts in this article. 

A Brief History of the Gender Parity Movement in Theatre
Jenny Lyn Bader offers a brief history of the gender parity movement in this HowlRound article.

Gender Checklist for Theatre
The Gender Equality Checklist contains questions on how gender equality is ensured in all work-related aspects in the performing arts, from planning of rehearsals to ways of working, casting, costuming, make up, marketing, etc.

Readings for the session Let's act now: on what we say when you're not there

Cultural Diversity Code
Developed by the dutch government, this code of conduct serves as a practical tool to assist organisations in formulating and putting into practice ambitions and objectives in the area of cultural (ethnic) diversity. 

Diversity for Dummies
This guide offers practical advice for leveraging diversity in your organisation. It has a particular focus on ethnic diversity.

Readings for the session The maze of cultural mobility: how to navigate your way?

The Ultimate Cookbook For Cultural Managers -  Vat For Artists In An International Context
This booklet helps you understand the consequences of VAT in an international context and explain what you must do to comply with the European rules.

Travel Restrictions Create New Headaches for Foreign Artists, U.S. Presenters, and Organisations Like Center Stage
The process for an international artist to gain approval to tour the United States is just short of nightmarish. Even when they spend weeks making sure they have their paperwork in order, it doesn't guarantee them entry.

Reading for the session From Tehran with love

Review: IETM Caravan to Tehran 2017
What is it like to be an independent artist in Iran? Our Secretary General, Nan van Houte, has put together some reflections derived from our Caravan to Iran.

Reading for the session Mixed reality and the theatre of the future

FRESH PERSPECTIVES 6: Mixed Reality and the Theatre of the Future, Arts and New Technologies
This publication takes you on a playful but serious journey along the issues at stake when designing a mixed reality experience in the context of theatre and performance.

Reading for the session Creative Europe workshop: Insight and In-depth

Presentation slides
These slides presented at the session provide a general overview of Creative Europe’s objectives and priorities, what is required to apply, and how to increase your chances of success.

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