20 April 2017 to 23 April 2017

The art of drafting cultural policies
How may a legal framework be achieved for the fair status of the artist? This session gave some insights into existing models and their relationship to very diverse realities in different parts of the world. 

Status of the arts
Who decides on quality in the arts and based on which criteria? This was the central question of the session “Status of the Arts”. During the panel, the performing arts world was scrutinised through lenses of race, gender, class, and aesthetics.

How to save Europe?
The session "How to save Europe?" addressed the gloomy reality Europe is living through: democratic deficit, institutional crisis, increasingly predominant populist and nationalist rhetoric, social disintegration.

Let’s act now: on gender as a political issue
This session was designed to discuss gender equality and sexual identities and to define some concrete steps that IETM members and the network as a whole can take.

Let's act now: on what we say when you're not there
This session was intended as a safe space to have an open conversation about diversity, acknowledging that majority views often dominate, and that it may be productive to work together towards accepting difference.

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