23 November 2017 to 26 November 2017
23 November 2017 to 26 November 2017

Talking to Everybody, Everybody's Talking


Many artists create work in parallel to the political climate. Today this concerns the building of democratic bodies and languages. This session will feature artistic interventions from two artists engaged with community building and alternative methods for interaction. Seppe Baeyens’ INVITED creates clear (democratic) forms by playing with distances between the public and a diverse and intergenerational group of performers. Amrita Hepi will present Acknowledgment to Country, an Aboriginal ritual performed to show awareness and respect to the traditional landowners of the meeting place. Asking people where they were born, where their ancestors are from and what natural landscapes they connect to, she questions how we may honor these connections in our daily lives.

La Raffinerie/Charleroi danse – Polyvalent room
Rue de Manchester 21 Manchesterstraat
25 November, 2017 - 14:30 to 16:30

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