23 November 2017 to 26 November 2017
23 November 2017 to 26 November 2017



The Newsround session is a series of short (max 3 min) presentations of current projects from IETM participants – some of whom are still looking for partners! – as well as a space for new members / first timers to introduce themselves and their organisations. The benefit of this space is to find your future partners, gain an overview of what’s on and share new models of cooperation and best practices realised within the network.

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Deadline: 3 November

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La Raffinerie/Charleroi danse – Polyvalent room
Rue de Manchester 21 Manchesterstraat
24 November, 2017 - 11:00 to 13:30

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image of Marta BarcelÓ

We are happy to announce that we will be presenting the new network ISLAND CONNECT – a residency program for performing arts
ISLAND CONNECT is a collaboration program among three performing arts organisations working with residencies located on (or associated with) European islands of different countries. They are joined in this project by a common interest in contribution to the creation and consolidation of performing arts, with an important ambition to support the artists in their personal and professional development.

· BIRCA (www.birca.org) located at Bornholm/Denmark and run by Susanne Danig.
· C.IN.E. (www.cinesineu.com) placed in Sineu in Mallorca and run by Biel Jordà and Marta Barceló.
· Fund for Others residency program on an island in Croatia (Silba for 2018 pilot program), run by Zvonimir Dobrovic and the organization Domino (www.thisisadominoproject.org).

We will be happy to hear about collaboration possibilities!


Marta Barceló
C.IN.E. Sineu

Posted 2 years 6 months ago
image of Cristina Carlini

Giuliana Ciancio and I will presente LIV.IN.G. - Live Internationalization Gateway!
Liv.In.G is a one-year-pilot project which aim is creating a system of “Desks” devoted to the Internationalization of the performing art sector that:
- is region-based, so is easy to be reached from any area of the Peninsula and at the same time it deals with the peculiarities of the territory
- collects different professionals and offers consultants and coaching activities but is affordable for art organizations,
- supports organizations according to their objectives and poetics with a “learning by doing” strategy. It means that in a medium-term period art organizations will be able to improve their skills and gain autonomy
- Explores and analyses the specific needs of the performing art sector in different areas of Italy. It will lead to the creation of a national coordination that will both guarantee the homogeneity of the project and influence cultural policies
- Sets a national reference structure and defines complex strategies to build a stable connection between Italian and international market.
- Provides training and supplementary services for art organizations (such as communication, marketing..) which means also creating jobs opportunities for local operators who will be expertise on the theme of internationalization.
During the pilot phase, we're collecting similar experiences from abroad, with different aims: inserting similar experiences from abroad in the final report; exchanging ideas, best practices and failures; building relationships with other organizations that promote internationalization.
If the one-year-pilot project will succeed, Liv.In.G. will start working as italian antenna during 2018 with the support of public and private institutions: we also like to start a dissemination of this project inside IETM network.

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image of Chas de SWIET

Chas de Swiet is a creative producer and artist and is currently working as Executive Director at the disabled led theatre company Vital Xposure.

James Henry Pullen, long term resident and Genius of Earlswood Asylum, was a talented self-taught mechanical engineer and a master carpenter. During his lifetime of imprisonment Pullen created a magnificent puppet, to become his guardian, which we have replicated. In the C19th Pullen was diagnosed as an ‘Idiot savant’, we know now he was profoundly deaf with communication difficulties. His treatment and day-to-day life have very contemporary relevance, highlighting practices and attitudes of his era that have persisted to the current day.

In 2017 Vital Xposure was commissioned by Liberty Festival to create the outdoor show Pullen’s Party.
The piece was centred around the 4m puppet which was built by Tony Mason in association with Emergency Exit Arts. The show made a dramatic impact in the Olympic Park and featured workshop activity, an outdoor theatre piece and a dynamic parade focusing on disability rights.
Although Pullen’s Party worked well at Liberty, we are aware that it is not suitable for touring to other outdoor festivals largely because the narrative was very dependent on the spoken word.

On the 18th September 2017 our beloved puppet was destroyed in a huge warehouse fire!

The next step is to build a new puppet and develop a new show which would explore Pullen’s story, and the related themes, through different elements that could animate outdoor space. This could include movement, procession, carnival, dance and further large-scale puppets. There is also the potential to create the piece as an evening spectacle using UV and pyrotechnics.

Vital Xposure is looking for co-production partners for the research and development in 2018 and presentation partners for the full show in 2019.

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image of Tim Wheeler

Muted: ietm Brussels 2017

I’m Tim Wheeler, a performance-maker, arts consultant and teacher…. and a lot of other things beside; a son, a brother, a husband, a dad, a granddad… I was the founder and, and for 26 years, artistic director of Mind the Gap, UK.

Before that, I was a XXXXXX farmer, a male XXXXXXX, a XXXXXX-XXXX attendant, a XXXX XXXXX… the list is long!

I’ve been XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXX since I was 14. Doctors call it XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX now. They didn’t back then. Back then, it wasn’t available in the catalogue of disorders. Then, they called me XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXX

My Grandmother once called me “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”. Quite a few people in my family XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in XXXX. XXXXXXXXXXXXX I didn’t. I went to Art College.

That’s enough about me. It’s uncomfortable. Dangerous even.

So, do you mute something about yourself? How does this play out in your work? I’m interested in the XXXXXXXXXX and the XXXXX and in mute, muted, mutation and mutability. I’m seeking artists with established practice, where something important about them is unknown. I want to collaborate with them, leading up to a project in 2023. The last time a UK City will host the European Capital of Culture.

This work is inspired by a visit to the Thackary Medical Museum, Leeds - and their collection of hearing aids, the largest in Europe. They have Queen Victoria’s ear trumpet and an opera cloak that disguised two ear horns so the hearing-impaired wearer could pass unnoticed at the opera. I’m interested in objects and practices that are designed to cover-up their purpose.

Are you muted… or someone you know? or could you be an ally, a safe house, a contact? If so, get in touch… in confidence… by whatever means.


PS. Some of the redacted information can be found on my website, some will be mentioned during my presentation. I’ll need to know you well before I tell you everything.

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image of Judith Knight

Season for Change 2018 - 2020

Artsadmin, Julie's Bicycle and Battersea Arts Centre are producing a UK wide season of work about the environment Season for Change. This will be the widest and wildest creative responses to climate change in arts venues, on streets, in schools, at festivals, across broadcast, film, fashion and music.

From June to December 2018, the UK's creative community will host a season of diverse, multidisciplinary responses across the arts, culture and creative industries. It will be the first coordinated national response from artists and arts organisations speaking out together on the future of our planet, a global chorus about our Earth. It will be about optimism. It will be about inspiring action.

The Season will coincide with the landmark UN Climate of Parties 'COP24' talks taking place in November, critical in meeting the targets of the Paris Agreement.

We are currently waiting on the results of some big funding applications. If successful the season will extend through to 2020, and we would love to get international partners involved.

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image of Gareth Cutter

I'm a UK artist working in live performance, writing, sound and music who makes work about sex, bodies, illness, HIV and autobiography. For Change Makers, I'm working with Gemma Nash, a disabled digital storyteller and sound artist who uses assistive technology, focusing on re-imagining the ‘othered’ body and the complex relationship between medicine, disability and ethics.

Gemma and I are at the very start of a new collaboration, combining our practices in sound, movement and performance for the first time, and exploring two key themes:
- the relationship of voice and body to sense of self
- the relationship of sex with disability

Supported by Metal in Peterborough, we’re working towards sharings in Peterborough and Southbank Centre in London in September 2018. To realise the idea, we’re interested in interactive and assistive music technologies that will help us explore these ideas as performance, or perhaps create immersive and interactive environments for audiences to explore themselves.

My visit to IETM comes just before Gemma and I start working together in Peterborough in December 2017 / February 2018. The audience of Newsround could help us by sharing their insights and experiences of how the following are experienced in different countries
- Chronic illnesses and disability in relation to sexuality
- Dance and movement in relation to disability
- The ethics and aesthetics of technology’s role ‘enhancing’ the body

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image of Dimitar Uzunov

Hello everyone! It's Dimitar from Sofia based Arte Urbana Collectif (www.arteurbanacollectif.com). Our organisation is a partner of Jet Propulsion Theatre and Theatre of Wonder Festivals .
Here is a description of the project: Jet Propulsion Theatre (JPT), is a project carried by the Italian Arditodesìo Theatre Company and the Physics Department of the University of Trento – Italy. Sofia’s Arte Urbana Collectif has recently joined in. JPT (www.jetpropulsiontheatre.org) aims to develop a sense of curiosity and wonder around science, a thirst for knowledge, a better understanding of the scientific world, the people that live it, and the impacts of science. JPT has produced several original theatre productions, a range of workshops for science communicators, and more recently the concept of Augmented Lectures, special projects that unite scientists and artists in a novel, exciting and emotional way.
In January 2017 JPT launched the Theatre of Wonder Festival, which brought together, in the span of two weekends, over 1100 people around 4 performances, 4 Augmented Lectures and a series of workshops in Trento, Italy. The next edition of the festival will be held in February/March 2018.
The project is now mature enough to take the form of a Pan-European network. We plan to submit a project to the Creative Europe call for proposals (Support for European cooperation projects 2018 - Category 1 - Smaller scale cooperation projects), due 18 January 2018.
Our ambition is to launch international Theatre of Wonder Festivals in at least 3 EU countries (Italy, Belgium and Bulgaria), and inviting partners (artists, cultural and science operators) from a wide range of Countries to set up the foundations for a European JPT Network built upon several different “hubs”, which will continue to generate curiosity and wonder around science through the unique connection of performing arts and science. We are therefore actively looking for key actors in other countries to join in the project both as partners for the Creative Europe call due in January 2018 and for a more long term horizon.

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