23 November 2017 to 26 November 2017
23 November 2017 to 26 November 2017

City of Arrival


Molenbeek is, traditionally, known as a ‘city of arrival’. Now, the whole of Brussels can be considered as such. Each of the 19 cities constituting the capital of Belgium absorbs their migrants: expats, refugees and artists from all corners of the world. Meanwhile, populist sentiments serve to highlight tension between localised realities and the nation state. Can (or should) the arts be involved in urban integration policies? Can municipalities and artists support each other in creating open and cosmopolitan citizenships? Starting from a series of case studies, we will explore arts’ practices addressing the topics of newcomers, migration and forced mobility. 

La Raffinerie/Charleroi danse - Studio
Rue de Manchester 21 Manchesterstraat
24 November, 2017 - 14:30 to 17:30

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image of Dirk Geldof

The introduction of the workshop on Brussels as an arrival city and as one of Europe's most superdiverse cities wille be based upon: Dirk Geldof (2016). Superdiversity in the heart of Europe. How migration changes our society. (Acco)

see also ‘Transmigration. Social work in a world of superdiversity.’ (Schrooten, Withaeckx, Geldof & Lavent, 2016) (e-book) www.acco.be/transmigration

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image of Dirk Geldof

just to welcome you in Brussels, a link to the work of Kurt De Ruyter, a photographer focussing on Brussels as arrival city.

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