Last year, we helped to circulate a major survey produced by On The Move and commissioned by the British Council through Europe Beyond Access. Out now, their striking preliminary “Time to act” report highlights the barriers that disabled people experience when accessing the arts.
Our SHIFT Newsletter on Gender & Power Relations tackles the #METOO movement, gender inequality and gender-based violence in the workplace – and the urgency for structural changes in the cultural and creative sectors.
Artistic freedom of expression is often subject to right-wing conservative religious attacks. This article explores the case of the Malta Festival from Poland, which led to a trial over the Polish Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport.
In this Declaration from the European Theatre Forum 2020 co-written by IETM, we address the current challenges faced by theatre and the performing arts and put forward eight policy recommendations and actions to strengthen these sectors in the years ahead.
This essay written by Théo Majcher in 2017 with the support of the European Network for Cultural Centres (ENCC) is adressing the theme of European identity through the values of arts and culture.
Notre satellite à Milan s'est concentré sur la langue comme concept politique et social et comme pilier de l'accessibilité dans les arts, avec un accent sur la position de la langue des signes de par...Read more
Our Satellite meeting in Milan focused on language as a political and social concept and a backbone of accessibility in the arts, with a particular emphasis on the position of sign languages across...Read more
En ces temps de confusion, plusieurs organisations à travers le monde réalisent un travail admirable pour combattre la censure, promouvoir la liberté artistique et soutenir les artistes en danger...Read more
In this time of blurred lines, several organisations around the world do wonderful work to combat censorship, enhance artistic freedom and support artists in danger. Discover some of the...Read more
Ce rapport comprend les résultats des séances de travail à IETM Beirut. Avec la liberté d’expression pour thème principal, le programme de la réunion a abordé des sujets essentiels tels que la...Read more


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