The Covid-19 crisis has proved devastating for the cultural and creative sectors. IETM's Head of Policy and Research Elena Polivtseva connects the impacts of the pandemic to a longer-term failure to adequately address the working conditions of cultural professionals, calling for EU action to help protect the sector’s future.
In this Declaration from the European Theatre Forum 2020 co-written by IETM, we address the current challenges faced by theatre and the performing arts and put forward eight policy recommendations and actions to strengthen these sectors in the years ahead.
This Joint Research Centre report on COVID-19 and cultural and creative sectors identifies highly vulnerable cultural jobs and creative cities.
David Pledger argues that a UBI requires a leap of imagination for Australian artists, out of the tactics of servitude and survival and into the heart of a strategy that can deliver a vision for all.
In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, ISACS circulated a survey among their members to ascertain the impact of same on their livelihoods.
Ce rapport de l'IETM à Hull présente quelques idées concrètes sur la façon dont les systèmes de financement pourraient être mieux adaptés aux besoins des artistes.Read more
This IETM Hull report features some concrete ideas on how funding systems could be better aligned with artists' needs.Read more
Cet atelier de l'IETM Porto s’est efforcé d’exposer les défis auxquels les personnes provenant de différents coins du monde sont confrontées lors de la création et de la diffusion de leurs œuvres, et...Read more
This IETM Porto workshop tried to articulate the challenges that art professionals in different countries face when making and touring their work, with the aim of identifying key factors for creating...Read more
« L’Évaluation » - un des mots-clés des politiques culturelles nationales, européennes et internationales - provoque des sentiments mitigés chez les praticiens : il est considéré comme un processus...Read more


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