A series of publications that explores how the contemporary arts sector is engaged with the crucial issues of today's reality: politics, economy, gender, environment, globalisation, etc. Fresh Perspectives gives an expert’s view on the value of contemporary arts and cultural practice to individuals and society. 


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This Fresh Perspectives publication deals with a complex and delicate topic whose borders are often blurred - gender. It highlights some crucial points – the definition of genders, gender identity,...Read more
Climate change engulfs us. Scientists inform us that our civilisation is nearing collapse, unless we implement a radical change towards a low-carbon and low-resource economy. Tapping into a different...Read more
The third issue of the Fresh Perspectives series, The Art of Disobedience, looks at how arts interfere and engage with politics. The author, Daniel Gorman, takes us on a journey through crucial...Read more
This publication of IETM’s Fresh Perspectives series deals with performing arts and territories. Global issues like economic stress, environmental challenges and migration flows are influencing and...Read more
The Invisible Hand, the first publication in the "Fresh Perspectives" series, looks at how art relates to economy. Mission Models Money’s Charlie Tims and Shelagh Wright have analysed artistic...Read more