Our events offer opportunities to enrich your professional network: to meet and engage, find partners for future projects, exchange ideas and discover new artistic landscapes. Don't expect a standard conference format, but rather an informal ambience of know-how and knowledge- exchange, be it in one- to-one conversations, panel discussions, round tables or trainings. Members have priority access to all our activities, although non-members are welcome too



Plenary meetings happen twice a year in different European cities. Up to 600 people join our plenaries, but don't worry about getting lost: we do our best to help you navigate the crowds. Our plenaries offer 25-30 working & networking sessions and an artistic programme


Our satellite meetings gather 20-200 participants and happen several times a year in various countries across the globe. Satellites allow a deeper analysis of a specific topic and/or closer contact to a region/country in focus, offering working groups and opportunities for informal networking


Our caravans are short trips that aim to explore the performing arts scene in a specific city, country or region. In a group of up to 25 people, we visit key cultural venues, meet local artists and culture professionals, and enjoy a mix of local performances

On the Road

On the Roads are consultations we propose to our members based in a specific country, in order to hear their expectations regarding IETM, learn about the challenges of the local performing arts scene and assess the effects of our plenary meeting, if we recently organised one in this country

Single Day Event

We organise Single Day Events - lectures, debates, workshops - to tackle a specific theme that is relevant for the performing arts sector and our network. These small meetings are usually hosted by one of our members as part of an artistic event


IETMCampus is our summer school for performing arts professionals starting to internationalise their practice. It is a week of intensive exchange of skills, knowledge, experience and contacts with key international cultural experts