11 April 2013 to 14 April 2013

IETM is excited and curious to return to Ireland following our first major meeting there in Galway in 2001 and together with the Dublin team we look forward to welcoming you to Dublin from 11-14 April 2013. There we will introduce you to the city and artists and offer you the chance to meet and network with each other, all under the meeting's theme of 'Trust'.

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Over a three-year series of plenary meetings IETM has been exploring themes linking the arts with contemporary society : ownership, collaboration, participation in political life, rights, ideas and ideals.  Here comes a big one: Trust.  IETM colleagues in Dublin and Brussels have been discussing ideas around the theme for months now, and it seems to become more pertinent every day. Who, after all, do we trust? As societies in Europe continue to change, whether it is due to recession, austerity cuts, revelations of clerical abuse or the rise of fascism, how do we, as citizens, trust those in authority? How do we as artists, curators, producers and cultural workers trust one another and the structures built to support our work? How do our audiences learn to trust us, to support the development of new types of work and models of presentation? How has the swift advance of technology changed the way we relate to one another? Has it impacted on our ability to trust one another?


It is trust that creates the conditions for any change to occur; it is trust that binds communities; it is trust that allows any sense of democracy to exist. Without it, without the values that will allow trust in our fellow humans to be strong again, it will be impossible for us to get out of the critical state in which we find ourselves now.


We look forward to welcoming you to take part in three days of discussion and networking alongside an artistic programme which will offer you the chance to meet some of the most exciting artists making performance in Ireland today. The artistic programme is being curated especially for you by Cian O’Brien of Project Arts Centre, in close collaboration with colleagues and the local performing arts community. We are encouraging local performance makers to plan ways in which they can build trust with you and have an honest discourse about the reality of their work, and the social and cultural contexts in which they operate. We are encouraging them (and you) to think about artistic aspirations, hopes and fears for the future, and how these things can be discussed candidly with old friends and newly-met international peers.


IETM members will also take part in their annual General Assembly, electing new Board members and Advisors and contributing to the thinking that will lead to a new Three Year Plan 2014-2016.


The meeting will take place in a network of cultural organisations in and around the working cultural quarter of Temple Bar in Dublin's city centre, where you will have the chance to explore the city along with its legendary nightlife. At the heart of the event will be Project Arts Centre - the central hub of IETM Dublin, and the central hub of Dublin's contemporary arts for nearly five decades. Dublin is a small city, a walkable city, a fun city, a changing city in a changing country. We're looking forward to introducing you to it.


The Local Team of organisers & the IETM Secretariat. 



The Local Team of organisers in Dublin is composed of:
Cian O’Brien, Artistic Director of Project Arts Centre
Lian Bell, Producer of IETM Dublin 2013
Niamh O’Donnell, General Manager & Executive Producer of Project Arts Centre
Amy O’Hanlon, Administrator & Planner of IETM Dublin 2013
and Kate Heffernan, Logistics Manager of IETM Dublin 2013 


The IETM Secretariat in Brussels is composed of:
Mary Ann DeVlieg, Secretary General
Milica Ilic, Head of Administration and Communication
Michel Quéré, Meetings & Events Coordinator
Laetitia van de Walle, Administrative Assistant
Anaïs Gabaut, Communication Assistant


IETM Dublin 2013 is an initiative of the Arts Council of Ireland in partnership with Culture Ireland, produced by Project Arts Centre and supported by Dublin City Council and Fáilte Ireland. It is part of both the Arts Council’s and Culture Ireland's Culture Programme to mark Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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