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CAE Live Online Dialogue

On the 25th of April, Culture Action Europe is organising a live online debate bringing together MEPs and key EU figures to discuss their positions on the future of Europe - and the future of culture in Europe - with citizens.

The debate will unfold from 10 am to 6 pm (Brussels time) in 4 different chatrooms which will each focus on a different topic. These will concern such subjects as the link between culture and identities, education, European values, sustainability, work and labour conditions and rights. The spotlight temporary chatrooms will appear when MEP candidates and special guests are active in the debate. This will be the space devoted to their specific interaction for approximately 30 minutes where questions and comments will be directed to the guests.

This is your opportunity to pass on your messages to EU-decision-makers.

Live Online Dialogue Programme of the day


SPOTLIGHT Session w/ Luca Jahier (EESC President)


4 chatrooms open


SPOTLIGHT Petra de Sutter (Greens)


SPOTLIGHT Session w/ Julie Ward (S&D)


SPOTLIGHT Session w/ Elisabeth Altekoster (ECR)


SPOTLIGHT Next Generation, Please! (plenary with Jan Cornille (S&D) and Saskia Bricmont (Greens))


Four Chatrooms open


We Have Solutions! room opens


SPOTLIGHT Session w/ Raquel Garcia (ALDE)


We Have Solutions! room open & wrap-up

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