02 November 2016

You can download the Spanish version of the programme here.


Doors open/Registration at Las Naves (Calle Joan Verdaguer, 16)

The moment to sign up for the afternoon workshops 


Welcome by Nan van Houte, Secretary General of IETM (in English, translation to Spanish)

Welcome by chair of the Forum David Marquez: overview of the goals and the structure of the day

Creative Lenses – the story so far by Paul Bogen (in English, translation to Spanish). Learn from a cross-European research project about how arts organisations are innovating their business models.


Keynote speech by Pau Rausell Köster
Cultural projects funding in the post crisis era. A prospective assessment.
The economic crisis and subsequent fiscal consolidation has strangled resources oriented to cultural sectors. The private and public funding of culture, in comparative terms, has lost positions that we will probably have to reconquer in a context of a slight macroeconomic recovery. In this situation, it is appropriate to conduct a foresight exercise to enable cultural organisations and agents to adapt their forms of organisation and business models to this new reality.
(Q&A 10 mins) 

12:30 Coffee/tea
12:45 Panel discussion: Pau Rausell, Lluis Bonet, Jordi Grané, and others (to be confirmed)
Moderation: David Marquez
14:00 Buffet lunch

Welcome back
Quick capture of the themes that have emerged in the morning panel
Overview of the afternoon programme


Afternoon workshops
Pick one; max 30 people each (sign up on arrival)

Workshop 1 - Reinvent your business model with one of these tools: two business model templates for culture explained
After an intervention by Rosa Perez Monclus on Risky Experiments, Mixed Returns: Recent Research on Business Model Innovation in UK Performing Arts Organisations, José Rodriguez will use the canvas to sketch out a number of different models and ideas that are currently being explored within the arts.  Rosa and José will share stories from an international range of organisations that are seeking to advance their artistic vision, while also ensuring a financially viable future.  The workshop is designed to inspire your thinking, to consider the strengths and weaknesses of your own model, and to start exploring how you might innovate and adapt your model to remain relevant and resilient in an ever-changing world.

Workshop 2 – New directions in reaching the audiences: why and how
The workshop will analyse why and how to innovate the relationship with audiences. We will discuss the risks and challenges of many different ways to empower audiences, from big data analysis and feed-back to target groups to crowd-based models of innovation in cultural institutions and projects. The experiences of different theatres and festivals will be used in order to learn, evaluate and propose alternative gateways to improve the performing arts audience experiences.

Workshop 3 – the TEAL revolution 3.0: resilient organisations in Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous world.
Sustainability is no more the pivotal concept of the life of organisations. Instead, resilience is a bet for gathering the different forms of funding the arts and cultural organisations in a more precise, adaptable and down-to-earth mode. After an introductory speech framing the concept of teal revolution 3.0, the conversation with the participants will be structured in a dialogue ending with common conclusions.
The approaching revolution proposes reinventing organisations. New concepts such as teal colour organisations, the recovery of commons, the sharing economy, antifragility... will provide new ways that have never been trodden before. When we change the way of looking at things, things we look at change.

17:15 Feedback from the workshops
Discussion: Future planning for the arts
18:15 Drinks and networking