02 November 2016
David Márquez Martín de la Leona
Political scientist and culture analyst. After a period dedicated to political science, since 2002 he works in the culture field in several European cities: Barcelona, Paris, Bilbao, Brussels, among others. Manager of Àngels Margarit / Cia Mudances (2003-2011), he has been also a founder and president of Professionals Dance Companies Association of Catalonia and a founder and vice-president of FECED (the same structure, but for all Spain). He managed the Forum d’Avignon Bilbao (2014) and collaborated with University of Barcelona for the project Profestival.net, AzkunaZentroa (Bilbao) and Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona) for several programmes.  David has been on the board of  IETM. As analyst, he collaborates with Real Instituto Elcano and publishes in ElDiario.es and El Pais, among others.
Paul Bogen Olivarte
With over thirty years experience in the sector Paul is an arts/culture project manager, consultant, fund-raiser and trainer, working for a wide range of public and private sector clients in over 20 European countries. Currently, Paul is the producer of Creative Lenses, a four-year European project to develop new Business Models for the cultural sector, running Escalator, a capacity building programme for the independent cultural sector in Slovakia and is the financial consultant for NIE Theatre Company (UK). Paul was President of Trans Europe Halles in 1999-2007, is a co-director of Olivearte Cultural Agency and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Pau Rausell Köster
Economist and Lecturer in the Department of Applied Economics of the University of Valencia. Director of the Research Unit in Cultural Economics (Econcult), has published several books and articles in journals and newspapers on topics related to culture. Usually involved in national and international seminars and conferences on topics such as creative cities, cultural entrepreneurship, the relationship between culture, innovation and development and the economic impact of culture. Leads and participates in competitive national and European projects as Innova, Sostenuto, Creative MED, 3c4 incubators, Transmaking, Opendoor, or Culture for Cities and Regions.

José Luis Rodriguez
is the Director of Communications (former Network Manager) at Trans Europe Halles (TEH), a Europe-based network of cultural centres initiated by artists and citizens. He has a ten-year background in international public and non-profit organisations, operating in the areas of arts, international cooperation, innovation and education, including for the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID), the Embassy of Spain in the Czech Republic, Instituto Cervantes in Rome, Triple Helix Association, Latin-American Network of Innovation Parks and more. His interest in business model innovation was awakened while working at the La Salle Innovation Park Madrid (2008–2010). His most recent publication To Sell or Not To Sell is recently published by IETM. 
Lluis Bonet
Director of the Cultural Management Graduate programme at the University of Barcelona (with a PhD, two Master degrees and four long live learning programmes in the field), Dr. Bonet does research in the fields of cultural economics, cultural policies and arts management. He has been research fellow at MIT and the University of Montpelier and invited lecturer in over 40 different countries. Winner of the CAC Research Prize, Dr. Bonet served as President of the Jury of the Cultural Policy Research Award and he is a jury member of many other research prizes. He has been president of ENCATC, board member of the Association of Cultural Economics International, and an active participant in many European research projects, currently involved at BeSpectATIve!, Focus EULAC and the Culture Diplomacy platform.
Jordi Grané
Philosopher, speaker, writer and consultant. Specialized in cultural mediation, Jordi is one of the most renowned thinkers and writers at the state level on resilience. Jordi has developed a set of guidelines for the development of strategies of resilience for public and private organisations, aimed at  building up spaces of dialogue between the (current needs of ) arts organisations and (the emerging trends in) society.
Jordi Grané is a co-author of the books "Resilience", "Resilience. Grow from adversity" (fifth edition), and "Resilience in social and educational environments". His forthcoming book "The Revolution of resilience in the field of management" (provisional title) will focus on the latest trends in organisational management.
Rosa Pérez Monclús
Rosa is a policy analyst specialised in the cultural field, working as a policy officer in Culture Action Europe. Her background combines experience in the private sector as a strategy consultant, in the public management of culture in the UK and as a cultural policy assistant in the Ministry of Culture of Spain. She holds a BA in Humanities, a double degree in Economics and Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Cultural and Creative Industries. Her deep commitment to the cultural field has led her to pursue an on-going PhD in cultural policy at King’s College London.