IETM Belgrade Plenary Meeting 2005

17 March 2005 to 20 March 2005

IETM’s 29th Annual Plenary Meeting with the theme "Europe: re-union? Re-forming, re-thinking, re-inventing, re-questioning, re-acting, re-volving" was held from the 17th until the 20th of March in Belgrade (SRB).

The meeting wanted to see Europe from the eyes of the people living in Belgrade and Serbia. It appears to them as a single cultural space, regardless of how much this may seem unrealistic to those living and working in Europe.

This Belgrade Plenary Meeting counted a total of 367 registered participants coming from 36 different countries. From the total delegates about 23% came from Serbia, about 61% came from West and North Europe, about 12% came from East and South-East European countries and about 4% came from other countries.

The Meeting was organised by the Belgrade IETM team and the IETM Secretariat based in Brussels.