Satellite Seoul 2007

11 October 2007 to 14 October 2007

Past IETM Satellite Meetings in Asia have focused on the introduction and presentation of the performing arts of the host countries, whereas the Seoul Satellite Meeting aimed to take a step further with a theme that provoked reciprocal information exchanges between Europe and Asia: Performing Arts Management. The meeting addressed the current issues surrounding Asian performing arts including management of festivals, arts spaces and companies, and strategies for overseas market development. In light of this, the meeting looked into the status, as well as unexplored areas, of performing arts in Europe.

Held during PAMS 2007, the Seoul Satellite Meeting aimed to provide presenters from Europe and Asia with a more thorough introduction to Korean performing arts, whilst strengthening the performing arts network in Asia itself, and reinforcing or creating links with Europe.

Thank you letter to the participants from Gyu Seog Lee, President, Korea Arts Management Service.