IETM Ghent Plenary Meeting 2007

04 October 2007 to 07 October 2007


The IETM Secretariat, Arts Centre Vooruit and Flanders Festival co organised the IETM Autumn Plenary Meeting: “One on One”, an intimate encounter between the artist and the manager, linked together by the bonding power of customised telecommunication. It was the occassion to:

  • Go on a journey of discovery to the crossroads of artistic and corporate strategies. 
  • Dive into the multiple challenges of the creative industries. 
  • Be seduced by the personalised communication power of new media. 
  • Have a blind date or explore the city of Ghent on a guided cultural tour. 
  • Order breakfast in bed from one of your colleagues. 

Ghent - increasingly regarded as the centre of vibrant and hip urban culture - was chosen as the HQ for this IETM meeting. Impressive from both a historical and an idyllic standpoint, this city is the perfect backdrop for an encounter between past and future, art and tourism, dating and networking. 

Thanks to the central and prominent position of Arts Centre Vooruit in the city of Ghent, in Belgium and in Europe, we anticipated that a first rate selection of European artists, programmers and art managers guaranteed 3 days of exciting one on one encounters. 

Participants came to Ghent for a One on One confrontation with the intimate potential of cutting edge technologies, and navigate through informative consultations, shared body sessions, interactive practices and panel debates

Participants got connected for the celebration of the anniversaries of IETM, Arts Centre Vooruit and Flanders Festival.