Satellite Jakarta & Caravan Yogyakarta 2010

14 June 2010 to 20 June 2010

IETM organised a Satellite Meeting, from 14 to 20 June 2010 in Jakarta in collaboration with the 10th edition of Indonesian Dance Festival (IDF) and with the support of the Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF). The theme was: 'Creative Producers Initiative Network (Asia-Europe)'.

This visit in Indonesia was be the culmination of a series of meetings that IETM has held annually in Asia since 2005 (in Singapore, Beijing-Shanghai, Seoul, Gwangju, Tokyo).

So far, the feedback from Asian cultural operators at previous meetings is that there is a clear need to streamline the focus and create an alliance between Asia-Europe and Asia-Asia – one that encourages 'creative producing' for independent dance/theatre stakeholders. The independent structure, functionning with limited information and resources, should be encouraged to share and enlarge their resources with partners sensitive to specificities of artistic contexts and cultural differences.

Being a collaboration between IETM and IDF, the meeting included a number of working sessions and seminars highlighting case studies presenting Asians and Europeans with current challenges and relevent issues. It aimed at comparing 'best practices', and where possible, follow-up threads of cooperation identified in earlier IETM meetings in Asia. After a presentation of the meeting's framework, participants proposed and managed the discussions themselves. 

Responding to Jakarta as a dynamic site of artistic production, participants visited artists’ rehearsal studios, observed works in progress and discussed artists’ intentions, evolutions, challenges and inspirations. Focusing this way on the dramaturgy of the works, IETM wanted to balance its usual concerns of arts management and policy with artistic-cultural analysis, reflection and exchange.