Commission's report on the mid-term evaluation of the Creative Europe programme

The European Commission has released its report on the mid-term evaluation of the Creative Europe programme (2014-2020).

We are pleased to find out that many of our position paper's points have been taken into account by the Commission in the assessment of Creative Europe and in its recommendations for the post-2020 programme for culture; namely:

  • Culture Sub-programme has been supporting most sub-sectors in a balanced way, but concerns are raised about the prioritisation of economic objectives over artistic and social considerations.
  • The schemes are insufficiently funded compared to the potential interest they generate; a large number of good applications are rejected.
  • There is a need to take better in consideration the ambitions of small cultural operators.
  • While projects funded under European Networks potentially generate positive effects, their initial design has not given beneficiaries the flexibility they would like, to adapt their activities to wider sectoral or market evolutions.
  • To address the need for more information on complementary opportunities from other EU funding sources the Commission will consider any solution including the publication of a booklet in order to enhance stakeholders' awareness of available general business and economic support as well as funding for culture in different contexts (e.g. education, training, research, infrastructure).
  • Creative Europe will address in a balanced manner the two general objectives of the programme i.e. cultural diversity and competitiveness, taking account of the multifaceted dimension of the programme as well as its cultural, social and economic objectives.
  • Recent developments show the importance of creativity and culture in sustaining healthy democracies, diversity and a shared sense of European identity. Culture plays a unique role in strengthening awareness on common social challenges and, through good storytelling, can bring people together across Europe. Creative Europe has a strong yet untapped potential to support new forms of citizens' engagement across borders which should be fully exploited.
  • The successor programme may play a valuable role in responding to populism by reinforcing cultural diversity and increasing tolerance and mutual understanding. Therefore the programme will intensify the citizens' dimension of its activities.

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