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Call for contributions: IETM Fresh Perspectives on Freedom of Expression & Censorship

In partnership with Arts Everywhere, we are producing a new publication of the Fresh Perspectives series on the topic of freedom of expression. The author is artist and human rights activist Sidd Joag.

Though the recognition of artists, culture workers and communicators as front-line activists continues to expand, the international conversation around arts and culture, social justice and human rights is still dominated by established organisations in the field, international bodies, academia, and funders. These entities all play a role in establishing the language and criteria around risk, and determining who gets access to resources. Often times these institutional structures support more easily established artists, who may already have visibility, mobility and resources at their disposal to deal with risk situations. But less established artists, culture workers and communicators from marginal communities may face the same or higher levels of risk. Yet they lack the necessary recognition or access to ensure their safety and well-being after facing extreme censorship and/or being forced to flee. 

This new publication offers insights from emerging artists, culture workers and communicators from marginal communities who have faced extreme censorship and/or have been forced into exile, and from emerging initiatives that support their relocation and advocate on their behalf. It also looks at the situation of independent artists who are more vulnerable to political pressures (if not overt censorship, they are easily victim of targeted budget cuts, dismissal for political reasons, among others) or to (more or less authentic) 'censorship by the crowd'. Finally, it explores (artistic) strategies to counter all these kinds of pressure and to continue with one's artistic work in spite of extreme situations.

We are collecting contributions to gather diverse insights on this topic from artists and cultural professionals around the world. If you want to share your experience, please reply to the questions below - and feel free to share this call with your contacts.

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The deadline to reply to the call is 15 February.