CAE position on the post-coronavirus 2021-2027 MFF

The Covid-19 pandemic has uncovered not only our global interconnectedness, but the dire need of the EU to create a Multiannual financial framework (MFF) that can reinvigorate the cultural sector following the crisis. With this in mind, Culture Action Europe has published their position on the post-Coronavirus 2021-2027 MFF. 

CAE asks that the MFF learn from the outcome of the pandemic and take the opportunity to introduce a more sustainable future for the sector that guarantees the safety of culture and creative communities. In addition, they ask that the MFF involves both the cultural and creative sectors in emergency packages while still keeping already existing programs. 

To make sure this happens, CAE calls for the MFF to double the budget for Creative Europe as well as for future MFF programmes and long-term budget to have at least 1% be dedicated to culture. Additionally, they are calling for at least 7% to be given to support the hard-hit CCSs in the Recovery Fund. 

Economic growth following this crisis will struggle without the proper funding for the cultural and creative sectors and it is essential that European Institutions and Member States recognise culture as an essential part of not only economic, but social and environmental recovery as well. 

Read CAE’s position in full here.