IETM Bucharest Plenary Meeting 2017

20 April 2017 to 23 April 2017

Art is a meaning-maker and a driver of social change. Art reveals the invisible, what we did not know we needed to see.

Yet the challenges of making a living out of art are rarely revealed.

Low incomes, flexible working conditions, limited training opportunities, health risks and social insecurity are only a few pieces of the gloomy puzzle of the artist's existence. In addition, art is often kept beyond the concept of professional and is not universally regarded as a job.

We continue making art and squeezing money out of it; we juggle between innovating our business models and embracing the digital shift.

We keep trying to win the battle, but what if we attempt changing the rules of the game?

We ask for more money to be poured into the old system, but should we not envisage a new one?

IETM Bucharest served as platform for reflecting on how we can reshape the reality we are embedded in. We also searched for new ways of resilient cooperation and imagining what is to be a fair status for the artist. Read the meeting review here.