23 April 2015 to 26 April 2015

The Cultural Sector Megaphoning Free Expression
Now more than ever, freedom of expression is triggering divisive debates about the balance between respecting and provoking social/political/religious sensibilities. How do we articulate freedom of expression without self-censoring? How do we promote the artist’s liberty without manipulating the public? How do we defend without inciting hate and discrimination? How do we mobilize without denying the “offended” their equal right to free speech?

Funding Opportunities: Be Creative Without Creative Europe!
IETM is partnering with On the Move to prepare a new online cultural funding guide with the support of Mezzanine Spectacles, Cultural Fabrik and the association Culture and Development. This online toolkit aims at collecting information about cross-funding sources in Europe: public, semi-public, private, not directly related to the cultural sector and/or with an international/regional dimension. 

Be Creative without / beyond Creative Europe!        Getting around EU Funding